Does trees have an intelligence?

Trees are the oldest living creatures on the earth. They are the most resilient of all species. Trees covers about 30% of the planet’s surface. They also accounts around 50% of planet’s productivity.

But that’s not it. Researchers around the world have discovered that trees also have certain level of conscious and intelligence. One study shows that trees can even communicate with each other.

Does tree have a deep knowledge of chemistry, and other earth sciences?Apparently, Yes! Throughout the nature we find the communication between different life forms of different species.

How many forests you have been in without any awareness of what was really happening all around you?

There are some amazing things going beneath our feet for millennia and on a global scale. The secret lives of these forests are filled with drama. Much of its is spoken in electrochemical language and it takes place on a scale too small and in motion too slow for us to even notice

Trees communicate with each others

Trees communicate with each other via vast underground network called Mycelium. A hidden matrix among the fungi, plants, bacteria and animals. 90% of all trees and plants on earth are involved in mutually beneficial relationship made possible by Mycelium. Sometimes also called as Wood Wide Web. A vast neural network is what binds the forest together making it intercommunicating dynamic organism.

They speak a sophisticated silent language, communicating complex information via smell, taste, and electrical impulses. This fascinating secret world of signals is what German forester Peter Wohlleben explores in his book The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate. They exchange nourishments, messages and empathy with one another across species.

Mushrooms are the most important part of this ecosystem. They are the reproductive organs and the fruiting bodies of a mycelium. To see a mushroom growing wild in the place is to know the great neural internet is online beneath your feet.  Some mushrooms spread trillions of spores on the breeze. Each spore is a paratrooper carrying life’s message. After settiling on the ground they link up to the greater network.  

When the tree is cut down in the forest, other trees reach out to victim with their root tips and send life saving elements, nutrients, sugar and water via the mycelium. This continuous supply from neighbour trees can keep the stump alive for decades or even centuries. And trees don’t do it for just their own kind. They do it for the trees of the other species also.

Is it because they know that their lives depend on the health of the whole forest?

And by being very different from ourselves? 

Is it possible that trees can think in long terms than we do?

A secret lives of trees have been long hidden from us. For them the mycelium is their lifeline to one another. It makes a forest a community. They use it to parent and to nurture each other and even to devise a stay of execution. 

Trees also know that insects are nipping on its leaf.

A signal is sent through the trees, just as it would go through our nervous system. But not nearly so fast. Trees live on so much slower time scale than we do. It takes at least an hour for a tree to react by generating the chemical that will chase this insect away. When predator strikes, the first thing tree does is to take a saliva samples in order to sequence the DNA of the invading species. It then trailers it’s chemical response to the special vulnerability of its enemy. In certain cases it also release the precise pheromone that will attract it’s enemy’s enemy to do the trees fighting for it. 

In the last the question arises, Who are we to search for alien intelligence when we don’t recognize or respect the consciousness all around us. And even beneath our feet? 

Let us know what do you think in the comment box.

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