You Have Not Taken This Pandemic Positively.

Waking up in the morning, getting a coffee, go to work, do the meetings, back to home, have a boring sex with your wife and go to sleep. Next day do the same. One day, it all changed.

Boss told you to stay home. No one is allowed to get out of their home. The world is in chaos. And you are sitting comfortably on your sofa watching Netflix. You have to do your meetings from your home, from your sofa, with your pajamas on. And two weeks later you have nothing to talk about in your meetings. Cause all the companies are in chaos.

You are bored as hell and strained your eyes watching Netflix. You are craving for a pizza, a burger. But cannot do anything about it. You open a recipe book, but you realize you don’t have enough supplies. You roam around in the Internet, you found games. You play games for hours and you realize I can make money out of this. Then you search on google ‘How to Make Money?’ Then you found a way to make lot of money with lot of different ways. But then, you took a step back.

You were having a great time in your office and then this virus came and stopped or may I say moved the way we live. A great 9 To 5 job, a great weekend life, a great sexual life. Now every day is weekend, every day is fun, but boring. You had dreams to fulfill, but they are also on a break now.

But wait, you have lot of time now. Your whole life you were waiting for an opportunity. This is it. How?

You have a craving for fancy food, go do something with what you have. Experiment with your food, be an artist. Your whole life you wanted make a business of your own. Make an online presence for it. You loved gaming, make a YouTube channel and show how you play to the world. You always admired stock trading, go for it. You’ve had passion for photography, do it.

When your boss going to call you, he’s going to tell you that “you will not be having a increment this year, cause of the pandemic” You’ve had everything in this lockdown, Time, Money, But you didn’t take a step and that’s on you. After this pandemic, market is going to collapse. Maybe, like so many people your job will also may not be there. You could have taken the step.

This pandemic you realized, anything can happen, if it is to happen. Whole world might die, only you survive. Maybe you should have had a home which is pandemic-proof. Off the grid house with your own farm and water supply. Need money to build that house, right? Wish you had a business of your own to pay for a house like that.

These four months of lockdown and you did not work on your ideas. You might live or might die, but if you survive this pandemic, do you really want to go back to that job that doesn’t pay for your protection? Or you want to do something to be able to do that. Choice is yours.

After all this pandemic everything, will be back to normal after a year. People will forget that, this ever happened. If your life did not take a positive turn after this, once in century pandemic you were never meant to be SUCCESFUL.

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