5 Sports You Must Do Before You Are 30.

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”

-T.S. Eliot

Live your life like there is no tomorrow. But we say, live your life like you will remember it vividly tomorrow. And to do that what better way there be than doing sports? Living a wealthy life does not get bored, but it sure takes you to the safer side of life. To make memories for tomorrow, you have to live your present moment like Piccadilly Circus.

Here are the few sports you should do.


It’s a free fall from 37,000 feet. A moment before falling, it takes balls to do that. When you fall, that adrenaline flowing through your brain makes it a lifelong memorable moment. Every second you are dropping towards earth with the speed of 200 kmph and that time, is precious.

2.Scuba Diving

After first time you try scuba diving, you come out of water and your whole perspective of seeing life changes. When you are in water you see a different life that you have only seen in television. It’s like meditating. You only hear your thoughts when you are under there.


Take it from us, it’s far from what you see in your television. It takes about a month to do just simple surf. But when do it, it’s a joy that cannot be expressed in words, it is an achievement. It’s like waving with a wave, feeling what a wave would feel like.


A jump from 10,000 feet with a bird eye view. A breath of fresh air with a speed of 50 kmph. It’s like skydiving but, slow and steady.  It’s safer than skydiving and still gives you an adrenaline rush.


It’s safe and really, really fun. It makes happier than you already are. It’s snow everywhere, you fall, but with no injuries. Those baggy wool cloths and those giant boots. You realize, you can forget what is happening in the world and still be happy.

Tell us which sport you like to do for a adrenaline rush in the comments below.

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