Elon Musk Called This Idea “Mind-Bogglingly Stupid.”

The Tesla CEO has called fuel cells “mind-bogglingly stupid,” “incredibly dumb” and “fool cells.” Elon Musk is no fan of hydrogen fuel cell technology, but some of the world’s major automakers still think it is a bet worth making.

When it comes to recharging, FCEV’s can easily tackle the BEV’s. 5 minutes or 1 hour, which one will you choose. Range and refueling times are so important that 78% of auto motive executives believe fuel-cell vehicles will be the breakthrough for electric mobility. Average cost of a FCEV is 60,000$ which 20,000$ more than the BEV’s. Hydrogen fuel cell have been a technology of a great promise.

Battery electric vehicles (BEV) have limitations like, if they have to increase the mileage per charge, they have to increase the weight of the battery. And when it comes to numbers game, just the United States produced 101.0 quads of energy and consumed 100.2 quads. With that only 2% of automobile market is of BEV’s. So, what you think will happen if that 2% would increase to around, say 40%. Electricity shortage, extra imports of nuclear energy. Which will result as hike in electricity cost.

So basically, an idea which Elon Musk called stupid is brilliant and other companies know that. But Elon Musk called hydrogen fuel cell a “Fool Cell.” So, if an idea which is welcomed by whole automobile industry, which has hell of a potential, may be the future of automobile industry, but called by the Elon Musk a “Mind-Bogglingly Stupid.” What do you think will the future of Tesla?

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