Three Stages Of Life – Time, Money and Energy.

Have you seen a post on Instagram which shows a statistic about Time, Money and Energy with three stages of life?

You relate to it, because you know that is actually true about 95% of the people, and you are one of them. That post is probably created by someone who realized about it by watching their elders, spend their precious life on something which was not worth the time.

The post is like this. Young generation has time and energy but no money. Adult generation has money and energy but no time. And old generation has time and money but no energy. So, basically this a simplest timeline of your so called “career”.

When you see this post, around 90% of those people like this post and get on with their life. Because it is just an Instagram post. But what if we told you that, it is the most inspiring post on internet? Look at it this way, you see that post and you realize that this is what your life is going to be. And you think that, what about my dreams? That’s it. That is the word “dream”. Can you chase your dream with that strategy? The Answer is big, fat NO.

So, what can you do? That is what you need to ask yourself. The answer is within. Just try to be on the other side. When you see that post, like it, share it and think about it. Because that post is literally telling you that “if this is your life, why don’t you make a change”.

All we can say is that you are in charge of your destiny. You can get to work now and sacrifice your time so when you “make it” you can enjoy life with more time, more money and more energy.

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