A Student’s Request to Each and Every Teacher in The World.

Times are changing and with time student also are. Classrooms are not same as before and so are students. We are in a 21st century surrounded with full of technology. Nowadays every student knows how to use a smartphone, they also carry one themselves. In this modern era teachers are falling behind.

For a student an elephant in the room is not the subject teachers are teaching, but the content in their phones.

Students are not excited about what they are going to learn in their class anymore. They want to learn something new every day.

They have starting to realize that traditional way of teaching is not going to help them augment their future. So, either teachers have to leave behind the traditional way of teaching or just make it more exciting for students.

So, our message to each and every student in the world.

We are going to tell you three things from student’s point of view. Two words and a phrase.


A teacher has a tendency to change the future. A teacher is the handler of the psychological mind of students. A student’s mind is already curious to learn, you just have to gratify that hunger of curiosity. Nowadays, student have technological surrounding. They have laptops, smartphones and internet at their will. So, what you’ve got that is curious than what students see online? That is question a teacher have ask themselves. So, we have to tell you something that is upmost important. It does not where the students get their knowledge. The world has vast amount of knowledge. You just have to point the students in the direction where the knowledge is. Make them curious.


Pretend that you are your student. If you ‘as a student’ understand everything that you teach ‘as a teacher’ then you have fulfilled your moral obligation. And you have the ‘Greatest’ power to shape the future. Pretend that you are student and as a friend you are sharing your knowledge. That way you have a connection with the students and they have better understanding of you. When you share the knowledge you have to them, they consider it as a friendly advice and it’s more effective that way.

Dumb It Down.

In some cases, a student doesn’t always understand what a teacher teaches. So, there might be a chance that you have to dumb it down a little. Teach like you teach a child, it may take more time, but the level of understanding would Sky-High.

We heard story where a clever student thought he is dumb, he decided that studying is not his cup of tea. So, he took a walk and saw a nursery teacher teaching student. He sat and noticed student had a fruit in their hand and teacher was telling them to see, smell and taste. After watching he realized that studying is easy and that he just has to change the technique of learning.

So, teachers! You know how to get into student’s mind. You hold the key to future. Shape the student’s mind as you like to see the future of the world. That’s it.

Tell us how you like to see the world in the future. WE BELIEVE IN TEACHERS.

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