If You Want To Be Free From Life Apply This Counterintuitive Approach Called Minimalism.

Modern culture has bought into the lie that the good life is found in accumulating things and possessing as much as possible. They believe that more is better and have inadvertently subscribed to the idea that happiness can be purchased at a department store. But they are wrong, says Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. read on to know more about minimalism.

Would you eat this artificial meat?

In san Francisco and Silicon Valley there’s a Race going on. Some of the biggest players are investing to make commercially viable “Clean Meat”. The meat that is grown in a lab rather than on an animal. There are about half a dozen companies racing to develop clean meat. One of them is JUST Inc.Continue reading “Would you eat this artificial meat?”

What is ‘Wealth Acceleration’ and How rich people use it to get rich?

Becoming millionaire is everyone’s dream. But instead of just wanting to be millionaire do you know the exceptional things that requires to acquire wealth? These are the things that all rich people know but poor and middleclass doesn’t.